Grilse Property

We offer project management based on individual needs tailoring the service by the hour, month, or based on a percentage of the project. We work closely with city and municipal building departments, inspectors and construction professionals to ensure projects are completed on time and on budget.

Grilse property

The project was to create an Eagleye Home. With an Architect we created a unique design that utilised the lot to create and exceptional home. We followed LEED style construction techniques to maintain environmental and energy efficiencies. During the design stages we brought in structural engineers to provide over the seismic elements far exceeding current codes. The home was built with attention to the latest building science.

We completed the construction keeping waste reduction to a minimum and recycling where we could. Incorporating both building science and the highest degree of technical modernization we achieved both energy efficiency and a home of luxury with all the creature comfort for a relaxing stress free home. We worked closely with a Designer to ensure the home was breathtaking and the products used were local where possible as well as sustainable. Our landscape team ensured the landscaping not only fit into the local area but provided a mixture of green elements that would enhance the neighbourhood.

This home was built for tomorrow and still exceeds all of the new building codes. Most builders are constructing to code minimums, creating homes constructed to meet the requirements of building codes set in print and outdated quickly. With forward-thinking and planning we build for the future anticipating code upgrades and enhancements to ensure a quality product that will meet or exceed the new code changes.

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Grilse Lane

Words alone cannot describe this one-of-a-kind custom built executive home by a fabulous builder with attention to detail, unsurpassed in the industry in Victoria, BC! Offering over 2100 sqft feet of luxury plus a scenic rooftop ocean view deck.

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Granite Countertops

Eagleye imports beautiful stone worldwide from top manufacturers with a variety of products designed
for quality surfaces and simple installation, ensuring high-end, affordable results.