Rock panels, exclusive to Eagleye, are a revolutionary product that allows for more effective use of rock for cladding walls both inside and outside.  The rock in our panels is the same rock used elsewhere for countertops, tile, and other purposes throughout construction, such as granite, marble, travertine and more.    At Eagleye we can even match countertops and floors with our rock panels.  The manufacturing also allows for a variety of other products and uses of this lightweight durable stone.

In the past only government and high end buildings would have walls of rock and marble.  The Victoria Court house is a prime example.  The building boasts ceiling to floor walls of rock.  Typically rock has been used exclusively in high-end construction as it is very heavy and difficult to install.  However, today’s technology has allowed manufacturers to slice rock into as little as 3mm thickness, and adhere/laminate it onto a variety of super-enforced backings.  The result is a product that is stronger than the original rock or marble, which is waterproof, and easier to install.  No longer are we trying to manipulate rock slabs that can weigh up to 600 or 700lbs.  Eagleye panels come in sizes of up to 5 feet by 8 feet and weigh less than 100lbs.  Imagine a shower that is created out of two or three panels, no grout lines, totally waterproof, and breathtakingly beautiful.  Don’t limit your imagination to showers either as these panels can be installed as decorative or art pieces, exterior cladding to buildings, back splashes for kitchens and bathrooms, fireplaces, and much more!

Each panel is a unique, one of a kind design created painstakingly and exclusively by the most famous designer known, MOTHER NATURE.  Mankind has tried in earnest to recreate her designs, but you can have the real thing.  And it’s affordable too!

The manufacturing process allows for the rock to be laminated on different backings.  Our travertine can be installed on glass (to create a translucent stone), ceramic (to allow for a large 2ft, by 4ft tile that is easy to install), fiberglass, and aluminum\polymer.  We can create tables, desks, back-lit feature walls, and “out of this world” bathrooms with almost any stone or marble you can imagine.  This is real rock and just like the solid granite countertops we install, this product is heat resistant, waterproof, and durable.  Remember! No grout lines, only a simple caulking where the panels meet.

You don’t appreciate the true splendor of MOTHER NATURE’S design work until you see a full panel of rainforest green, travertine, or a translucent panel lit up from behind.  Prepare to be amazed!  Call us today at: 250-479-8050


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Eagleye imports beautiful stone worldwide from top manufacturers with a variety of products designed
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