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DRAIN CLEANING Cleaning or most commonly known as “Snaking” or “Cabling” a drain line is the oldest way to clean out a blockage from your drain. This method is performed by using a flexible metal coil and inserting it into your main sewer, tub, shower, sink or laundry drains until it reaches the clogged area. At that point the obstructed area should break free and start to drain. The sewer cables should either push the obstruction through, tear it up or some times be retrieved on the end of the cable. Our company comes to the job better equipped than most others; bringing always the standard tools of the trade and in addition, EAGLEYE’S, trucks are equipped with specialized equipment, extra drain cables, fiber-optic video, mini hydro jetters, line locators, drain cleaners and always a positive attitude.

HYDRO-Jetting, Snaking or Rootering punches out blockages, which creates a temporary opening in a pipe. Hydro Jetting uses high-pressure water to scrub away years of accumulated build-up on the inside walls of your pipes. There is no better way to get your pipes draining as well as the day they were installed, short of replacing them completely. Maintain your drains with regularly scheduled hydro jettings.

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CAMERA inspections are the most efficient way to diagnose problems in your drainpipe system. If you’ve ever had reoccurring drain problems we can help you figure out the reasons why. These fiber-optic cameras can fit in most drain lines from 2″ to 10″ diameter pipes, seeing it for yourself on a TV monitor. Tree roots, broken drain, off sets, collapses and dips in the pipe can all be detected. Along with seeing your problems we can pin point its location for repair, avoiding unnecessary destruction to your property.

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“No-Dig” Technology has proven to be such a permanent solution; you can now fix your drainpipes, Sewer Line & Water service without having to trench dig your property. To find out if your drains are eligible for the application of our “No-Dig” technology schedule our trained and qualified technicians to evaluate your drains and specific needs.

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EXCAVATING / DIGGING / TRENCHING The last step for a permanent solution to your drain problem is to replace what’s broken. Because we treat everyone’s home with the same respect we show our own, our excavations are surgical in nature and very unobtrusive. That said, excavation isn’t for everyone, which is why we offer “No-Dig” technology as well as Hydro-Jetting.

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Grilse Lane

Words alone cannot describe this one-of-a-kind custom built executive home by a fabulous builder with attention to detail, unsurpassed in the industry in Victoria, BC! Offering over 2100 sqft feet of luxury plus a scenic rooftop ocean view deck.

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Eagleye imports beautiful stone worldwide from top manufacturers with a variety of products designed
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