Pipe Bursting Services


Pipe bursting is a relatively new trenchless method which allows you to replace existing utility, water, gas and sewer piping that is either worn out or incapable of meeting the needs of a growing community.

Imagine being able to replace the entire water supply and drainage system of a city without causing a major traffic jam and incurring the enormous cost of restoring your streets and roads. That is the promise of trenchless technologies like pipe bursting.

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The Piping Problem
No matter where you go, water, sewer, gas and other utilities are in a constant state of deterioration or incapable of meeting the rising needs of urban areas where population growth is a problem. In most cases, water lines have become corroded to the point where they are wasting water and incapable of meeting water supply requirements. Gas lines are often made of cast-iron which not only leaks, but is incapable of handling higher capacity or pressure requirements. Because they transport aggressive and corrosive material, most sewer lines are often cracked or corroded to the point that they cannot transport the waste material without stoppages and leaking into the environment. The biggest problem is that most of these pipelines are located in overcrowded cities, under buildings, roadways, rivers where replacement by traditional open-trench methods is not a plausible option.

A Piping Solution
Pipe bursting represents the ideal pipe rehabilitation solution for replacing and upsizing the capacity of existing pipelines while avoiding the economic and social costs of traditional methods. Pipe bursting is the only trenchless process that enables a city to revitalize its piping system without extensive excavation and traffic stoppages.

The Pipe Bursting Process
Pipe bursting involves using a winch to pull a heavy duty polyethylene pipe through an old pipeline of equal or smaller size. The old pipeline is shattered using a high-powered tool with special bursting heads that smash through the old pipe while pulling through the new replacement pipe. When pulled into the old pipe, the bursting head breaks the pipe into pieces, enlarges the hole and pushes the fragments into the surrounding soil. This limits pipe bursting to pipes that can be fractured and to soil conditions that will absorb the old fragments.

Advantages of Pipe Bursting
As a “no-dig process”, pipe bursting is the perfect solution for a municipality looking to increase the capacity of its water supply pipes or to replace corroded and leaking sewer pipes. All of this is possible without extensive excavation and all the other costs of surface restoration. Because its trenchless, pipe bursting is the preferred method for replacing old pipes in urban areas where disruption to surrounding utilities, local residences, businesses and the environment are a consideration. An added benefit of using hdpe plastic pipe for pipe bursting is its suitability for non-pressure applications like sewer lines. Because of its smooth inner walls, hdpe pipe assures high gravity flow rates and minimizes the chances of developing stoppages.

For decades, the only way to replace or repair broken sewer, drain or water lines was to dig a deep trench (usually four to six feet underground) to expose the entire length of the pipeline. The old pipe had to be pulled up and discarded and lengths of new pipe had to be carefully laid in place and fused together.

Eagleye Drain Services utilizes “Trenchless” repair methods. Trenchless methods require little digging and fixes pipes from the inside resulting in less environmental impact. We use a Pipe Bursting system to replace pipe sections.

Pipe Bursting For Pipe Replacement
Eagleye’s method is non-invasive and requires only a couple of small pits to gain access to the damaged pipes below ground. Using the broken sewer line as our guide, our hydraulic pipe-bursting machinery pulls full-sized, seamless replacement pipe through the old pipe’s path while breaking up the old damaged pipe in the process. Once the job is completed, the entrance and exit pits can be quickly refilled, leaving little or no evidence of activity. The new heavy-duty polyethylene pipe we use has a life expectancy of up to one hundred years. And since the pipe is seamless, it is impervious to leaks or root intrusion.

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